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At this point in your life you are probably aware of the damage chlorine and other chemicals in swimming pool water can do to your hair and your skin. The best way to approach this issue is by truly understanding it.

Understanding Protection

Chlorine in swimming pools is a highly reactive oxidative chemical. It kills bacteria, cells, viruses, parasites, and all sorts of mold and algae. Incidentally, it is highly damaging to the protein structure of both your hair and your skin. One of the first things one notices from pool water hair damage is bleaching. Then the hair will become frizzy and constantly dry because it is being dissolved!

So, what can we do about it? There are some tips to follow to help both your body and your hair during your swimming pool adventures this summer. Follow this


Tip 1: Always rinse and saturate your hair with fresh water before getting into the pool. Also rinse repeatedly when you get out of the pool. This should keep some of the chlorine at bay so it does not cause as much damage to the hair. Truly, the best solution is to do this and then wear a swim cap, but that is not so popular in today’s fashion.

Tip 2: Skin protection is overlooked. Not only do you need protection from the sun, you also need protection from the chemicals in the pool water. How does this affect my hair? Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It actually breathes and also absorbs chemical easily. Getting chlorine in your system by absorption through skin from swimming pool chemicals can affect protein production in your body which affects the appearance of your hair. Use a Zinc Oxide based sunscreen to totally block pores from chlorine absorption.

Tip 3: Good hair oil treatment is not to be underestimated. This is a great way to protect your hair from chlorine in pool water and from sun damage. Usually combinations of shea butter and jojoba oil are used.

Tip 4: Always use deep conditioning hair products. Conditioning shampoos are necessary with steady pool water exposure. The real rejuvenating power comes in with deep conditioning treatments. Use the best conditioners you can to keep your hair strong and impervious to chlorine damage.

Tip 5: Go into the pool at intervals, spending shorter periods of time in the pool more frequently rather than allowing all of your protective products to be continually rinsed away by solvents in the water. As mentioned before, always rinse in between and even use light amounts of hair oils to protect your beautiful hair. This way, you can maximize the cleanliness of your hair while still getting the time you need in the pool.

Tip 6: It is a good idea to avoid swimming in a pool at all if you have recently had chemical treatments to your hair. There are potential reactions which occur at a chemical level and there is potential for hair damage. Consult with a professional about such situations.

In Conclusion

You can still enjoy summer pool fun and maintain a fine set of hair. All you have to do is pay attention and follow some reasonable tips. Check out more information on the internet because there are even more tips and tricks available.