Butternut squash for Better Skin

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Butternut squash also known as butternut pumpkin or gramma or butterscotch squash is category of winter squash that mostly propagates on vine. Its taste is same like pumpkin like sweet and nutty. When developed, it becomes progressively deep orange and sweeter.

It is a virtuous source of fiber, vitamin A, E and C plus magnesium, and manganese.

Although precisely a fruit, but butternut squash is also used as a vegetable that can be baked, grilled and puréed for making soups, or squashed to be used in making various casseroles, dough, and muffins.


Kale also known as leaf cabbage used as vegetable . They possess green or purple leaves.


Feta is white cheese prepared in Greece mostly. It is used cooked or grilled in many sandwiches and omelets. Also it is used as salty substitute in many different dishes.

Butternut, Kale & Feta Quiche

Butternut, Kale & Feta Quiche is the combination of these three well-known veges and is famous in almost all parts of the world.

Here, we’ll tell you the easiest and quickest recipe of Butternut, Kale & Feta Quiche.

How to make Pastry?

3/4 cup / 100g oat flour
Half tsp sea salt
Half cup/ 50g almond flour

Half cup / 50g rice flour
2 to 3 tbsp potato starch
Diced chilled butter

Half cup chilled water

Butternut & Kale Filling

1 small butternut squash
A sprinkle of coconut oil

2 stems of fresh rosemary or half tsp rosemary in dry form
Sea salt

Black pepper
1 onion, 2 cloves garlic
2 large handfuls kale

2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 cup of milk and two eggs

Heat up the oven at 350F / 180C.

Prepare the pastry: Add all types of flour and sea salt in a large bowl.

Add the chopped butter to the flour and mix the dough using your fingers.

Now add small amount of water and mold it in dense disk. Now leave it a side.

Prepare the filling: Take a baking tray. Peel off the butternut, remove the seeds and cut it into 2.5 cm cubes and put them on the tray.

Sprinkle oil, add the spices.

Bake in the oven for about 20 min and it becomes brown. Set it aside. Though pumpkin is placed in the oven, heat the oil on moderate heat fry the onion and garlic for about 10 min till it becomes tender.

Add the sliced kale, stir fry for some time,

Now you can add up apple cider vinegar

Then Salt and black pepper, Set it aside.

Assembling the quiche:

Place the ice-cold dough between two baking papers roll out the dough till you get the circles. Cautiously move it to a tart pan.

Now bake it for about 10 min to avoid moist crust.
In a bowl, beat milk and eggs and add onion, kale, smashed feta cheese and cup of baked butternut mixture.

Transfer into the baked quiche crust. Press any extra baked butternut into quiche. Put it in the oven and roast for about 35-40 min till it turns golden.

Now serve the quiche warm with salad as a side dish.