5 tips to make your curls last longer

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Making curls to last longer can be quite frustrating. This is because curls loosen quickly or they can appear static and frizzy. Fortunately, there is a solution to this. The following tips will help your curls to not only look great but also last longer.

1. Start with day old hair

If you are planning on curling your hair, you should avoid washing it at least two days prior. The natural oils of your hair give it texture and make the strands easy to curl.

Also, you should avoid deep conditioning as it weighs down, smoothes and straightens the hair making it hard to curl and stick to lightweight conditioner. Also, do not use shampoo prior to curling but in case your scalp is too oily, you can sprinkle a little dry shampoo on the roots and leave the rest of the hair dry.

2. Pick the right products.

Using the right products makes all the difference, piling on just any products after curling and not using any product before will lead to crunchy curls. To avoid this, before using the curling iron, apply heat protectant so that you do not burn your hair strands followed by a lightweight styling lotion to give the hair texture and hold the curls in longer.

Depending on what works for you, after curling all the hair, mist the curls with a light hairspray or a little mousse. You should use enough to make the strands stiff and do not hold the hairspray too close to the hair. Wait a few minutes for the hair to dry before applying heat.

3. Use the right tools.

You may think that your hair may not hold curls for long but until you begin to use high-end tools, you will realize that the problem is not your hair but the tools you use. High-quality products cause less damage to your hair as they heat up better which means you will apply heat for a short period. Good quality irons also last for a longer period of time.

Ensure that you select the best straightener with the right size barrel. If your hair does not hold curls well, consider using a -inch barrel, it produces tighter curls but if your hair can hold curls better choose a 1-inch iron for beachy waves. Also, if your hair often falls flat, you should invest in a professional grade curling iron.

4. Try the post-iron pin.

This is one of the most effective tips for making curls to last longer. After releasing your hair from the iron, pin the curls to your head until it sets. Take each curl, keeping its shape and secure it with a bobby or a clip pin. After pinning the entire head, mist it with a light hairspray and allow it to remain until the hair cools down completely. Then gently unpin the curls and use your fingers to comb through.

5. Braid the hair before bed

If you plan to curl your hair the next day, braid it and sleep within one or two braids depending on how thick your hair is. You will wake up the next morning with instant waves, the perfect canvas to curl.